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12/9/2017 – Stableford (Kath Thompson Qualify Challenge Cup)  /  by Bec Lewis | Sep 14, 2017 | Ladies

A beautiful sunny and warm day with drier conditions on the course which produced some amazing scores. As well as our lady golfers, there was another non-golfer who enjoyed the sunny weather. This was quite a large red belly black moving very casually from the 8th tee to the 5th green. So be aware that all our slithery friends are out of hibernation, but not particularly interested in any of us. Image result for red belly black snake

We had 63 players today and 13 9-holers. Some of our amazing ladies were:

Div. 1 Winner – Denise Johnston (22) with a wonderful score of 41 points.
Div. 1 Runner Up – Donna Andrews (25) with a great score of 40 points.
Div. 1 2nd Runner Up – Yvonne Boardman (6) with a very close 39 points..
Div. 2 Winner – Gail Wills (34) with a lovely 40 points,
Div. 2 Runner Up – Kylie Denniss (30) with 39 points.
Div. 2 2nd Runner Up – Ali Caswell (30) with 36 points.
Div. 3 Winner – Robyn Keyes (37) with an awesome 43 points.
Div. 3 Runner Up – Kaz Coventry (45) with 35 points and was very excited.
Div. 3 2nd Runner Up – Annette Kneipp (44) with 35 points.

Congratulations to all our winners. Some other notables were:

NTP’s – Div 1, Gina McKinnon (13th hole), Div 2, Angie Davis (6th hole) and Div 3, Fran Flavel (8th hole).

Gobblers – Leeonie Quinn (4th), Angie Davis (1st),

4 Pointers – Denise Johnston (5th), Sue Payne (6th) and Kaz Coventry (13th)

Birdies – Gina McKinnon (4th)

Our upcoming AGM on the 10th October will be followed by a 3BBB Coloured Ball Event. To explain this….

Team of 3 playing a one best score Stableford competition. Each team plays with 1 coloured ball. Player 1 using the coloured ball on 1st hole, Player 2 using coloured ball on 2nd hole and Player 3 using the coloured ball on the 3rd hole. This sequence is repeated through 18 holes. The coloured ball scores double Stableford points. If the coloured ball is lost it must not be replaced with another coloured ball, therefore surrendering double points for the remainder of the game

Next week’s event will be the 4th 4BBB Progressive. See you all then.


The red-bellied black snake is a species of elapid snake native to eastern Australia. Though its venom is capable of causing significant morbidity, a bite from it is not generally fatal and is less venomous than other Australian Elapid snake. Did you know: There is no record of any human ever having died from the bite of a Red-Bellied Black Snake. rainforest-australia.com (That’s good news isn’t it?)