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2019 Mens Singles Championships Conditions of Play



Proudly sponsored by Toukley Oncourse Golf



  1. All players must be financial members of Toukley Golf Club and hold a current GA handicap. Entry fee is $10.00 for the four rounds of the Championships plus the applicable daily competition fee for the category of membership.
  • Grades as follows:      A Grade +7-12             B Grade 13-18             C Grade 19-36.
  • The individual championship handicap is your calculated daily handicap for the Toukley Blue course (slope rating 125) on the first round. Any changes in handicap during the event apply to the daily competition only.
  • Major (Presentation Night) prizes will be awarded to the 72 hole scratch winner and R/U and the 72 hole nett winner and R/U in each grade. Major prizes will also be awarded to the junior 72 hole scratch winner and R/U, the Senior 72 hole scratch winner and r/u and the Super Senior scratch winner. To be eligible for the Junior competition players must be under 18 as at the first round. To be eligible for the Senior and Super Senior competition, players must be age 50 and 65 or over respectively as at the first round. There will be  additional major prizes for “A Reserve” scratch winner for players on 7 h/cap or higher. Players may win both the A grade scratch (Club Champion) and the Junior or Senior scratch winner’s prize. Otherwise, players may only win one of the above prizes. The selection order is 1)72 hole scr. Winner, 2)Snr/Jnr scr. Winner, 3)A & C Reserve winner, 4)72 hole scratch R/U, 5)Super Senior winner, 6) Snr/Jnr scratch R/U, 7)72 hole net winner, 8)72 hole nett R/U.
  • Ties for 72 hole scratch winners will be decided by a three hole playoff over holes 10, 17 & 18. All other ties decided by count back.
  • Use of golf carts or other motorised transport is permitted for all players. Toukley Golf Club cannot guarantee availability of golf carts on any day during the Championships.
  • The use of a mobile phone by a player or his caddy for incoming or outgoing calls is prohibited whilst on the golf course. The penalty for breach of this condition is two strokes. If a player is in possession of a mobile phone it must be set to “silent”. During the round a player must not listen to or watch content of any nature on a personal audio or video device.



  1. A player who is “on call” due to his profession or Civic duties may be granted permission by the Match Committee to use the phone during the event.
  2. During the event, a player may use a mobile phone to help in an emergency.
  3. If installed, the mobile phone GPS/Rangefinder feature, and R&A Rules App may be used.
  • All championship stroke play events must be finalised by 7:30pm on the scheduled day of the final round. If any rounds cannot be completed by this time the events will be reduced to the completed rounds.
  • Slow play may be penalised as per R&A guidelines. A Ranger representing the Match Committee will be on duty to monitor the pace of play.
  1. The competition is run by the Toukley Golf Club Match Committee. Their decisions are final in all matters relating to the competition. Any disputes must be reported to the Match Committee within 15 minutes of the completion of the round.


These conditions of play must be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf 2019 Edition and Toukley Golf Club local rules and may be amended at the discretion of the Match Committee.