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26/9/2017 – VETS Foursomes Championships  /  by Bec Lewis | Sep 30, 2017 | Ladies

Sorry to be so late with the blog…..school holidays. So diving back in my memory banks to Tuesday, it was another fine and sunny day with lots of run on the course. Are we doing the rain dance yet ladies? Surprisingly the greens and fairways are holding up really well with our back up watering, however I am just about choking on the dust when I venture into the rough…..yes I know, “what are you doing in the rough?” A busy day with the VETS Foursome Championships and the Event of the Day, so here are our very clever ladies :

VETS Winners

Div 1 Gross Winners – Kate McKinnon and Coral Wagenaer (88)

Div 1 Gross Runners/Up – Lyn Howell and

Yvonne Boardman (90)

Yvonne Boardman (90)

Div 2 Gross Winners – Lynne Heggie and

Pam Jackson (111)

Div 2 Gross Runners/Up – Margaret Love and Narelle Tracey (112)
Div 1 Nett Winners – Paula Randy and Di O’Meara (76.5)

Div 1 Nett Runners/Up – Irene Taylor and

Jill Fisher (77.5 on a countback)


Div 2 Nett Winners – Jill Morley and Margaret Holmes (78) Div 2 R/Up – Sharon Denton and Cheryl Rowland (80.5)




Event of the Day Winners

Div 1 Winners – Kate McKinnon and

Coral Wagenaer (73.5)

Div 1 R/Up – Paula Randy and Di O”Meara

Div 2 Winners – Pam Jackson and Lynne Heggie (72)

Div 2 R/Up – Jill Morley and Margaret

Holmes (78)

Congratulations to all our winners, well done!

Brand new ducklings on the 1st
So new they hadn’t found their feet yet (72)
There were 6, hope they all survive

Next weeks’ event is a Mixed Grades Stableford, still room on the timesheet.


This one is for Jack Boardman, congratulations!