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30/10/2018 – STABLEFORD

This was your last chance of doing something special towards this year’s Running Comp.  And some people did!  Congratulations to all our winners today.  It was a perfect Spring day, if we could only bottle it and bring it out on a rainy day, wouldn’t that be great.  We had 54 starters and today’s winners are:-


Div 3 Winner – LIBBY STILL (38) with a score of 41 points

Div 3 Runner Up – LOLA CALL (45) with a score of 36 points on a countback

Div 3 second Runner Up  –  BICKY MEIER (45) with a score of 36 points


Div 2 Winner – KAREN BLACK (27) with a score of 33 points (on a countback)

Div 2 Runner Up – MAZ GAINEY (28) with a score of 33 points

Div 2 second Runner Up – EDNA MCFAYDEN (29) with a score of 32 points


Div 1 Winner – KERRIE JOHNMAN (22) with a score of 37 points

Div 1 Runner Up – ALI CASWELL (25) with a score of 36 points (on a countback)

Div 1 second Runner Up – RHONDA PRIMMER (16) with a score of 36 points




Div 1  –  Yvonne Boardman (13th)

Div 2  –  Pamela Jackson (17th)

Div 3  –  Karen Black (6th)


Susanne McLean (11th)


Div 1  –

Div 2  –

Div 3  –


Winner  –  Gwenda Holland

Runner Up  –  Sue Buchanan

Second Runner Up  –  Alison Lumby

NTP  –  Gwenda Holland


Just a few reminders  –  please have your money for our Christmas Bus Trip ready to give to Ali (if you haven’t already done so) by next week.   This trip is on 10th December.

Christmas Fun Day will be played off the Orange markers and will be a split 6’s.  First 6  –   one best score to count, second 6  –  2 best scores to count and third 6  –  best 2                                                  scores multiplied.  This will be on 27th November.

Ladies Presentation Day on 4th December.  We will be asking everyone to contribute $10 towards lunch, but you get a free drink included.


See you all next week for Melbourne Cup Day.

Yep, entirely appropriate after my day’s golf!