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9-Hole Guidelines  /  by Bec Lewis | Apr 17, 2017 | Ladies

Hello Ladies,

Following a little confusion lately, we have decided to draft an official guideline for our valued 9 hole competition players. These guidelines will also now be included in our Conditions of Play which will be available in the ladies room at any time you may wish to look over them. We believe we have considered this situation in the fairest possible way, and at all times with the interests of all players whether they be 9 hole players or 18 hole players. The aim, as always, is to encourage and support all our lady players in a friendly environment with a view to making our club as happy and harmonious as possible. The guidelines are as follows:


9 Hole Guidelines

Primarily the 9-hole competition on Tuesdays was introduced to encourage and guide new ladies to play at our club, whether they come via the Angels program or other avenues. The aim is to gradually encourage participation in a competition environment where they can not only learn how to swing a club and how to putt but also to understand etiquette and the rules which apply to our sport.

Over time, we hope that these ladies will then gain the confidence, stamina and knowledge to participate in our normal 18 hole competitions. However, till they do they can participate and win prizes in the 9-hole competition. Ladies who feel that their 18-hole career is over and only intend to play 9 holes for the remainder of their golfing life, may also accept prizes because we still want to encourage their participation for as long as possible.
Ladies who may be injured or otherwise incapable of playing 18 holes for a time may play in the 9-hole competition, however they are NOT eligible to accept 1st or 2nd place prizes. They may however, if eligible, win a ball.
Please also be aware that these Condition of Play apply ONLY to our Tuesday event and does not apply in any way to the 9-hole competition which runs separately on Thursdays. The 9-hole ladies will play at the end of the field and may alternate between the front nine and the back nine.

These guidelines will now become part of our CONDITIONS OF PLAY, and will be available for viewing in the ladies room at any time.

Toukley Ladies Committee