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Captains Report – February 2020

February Captain’s Report


Welcome to the first edition of the Toukley Golf Club 2020 monthly Captain’s report.


Now that the holiday season is over the golf program for the year has begun. Saturday 1st February saw the running of the Men’s Foursomes Championship. 194 players, or 97 pairs contested the event which was run in fine weather with the golf course presented in great condition. Special mention and thanks to Yvonne Boardman, Di George and Gail Wills for all their work on the results boards.


The A grade 27 hole scratch and Club champions are Clint Donsworth and Vaughn Chatillon with a fantastic score of 6 over par 114, with Dave McMurray and Eddie Kirkland runners up on 116. The A grade net winners are Matt Fitzgerald and Glen Miller on 108 net, runners up Brian Parker and Al Cooke on 108.5. B grade scratch winners are Barry Doyle and James Cartaar with a score of 133 from Les Lear and Simon McKeough on 138. Net winners are Nick Beukers and Gary Brown with a score of 112, runners up Paul and Mitchell Weekes on 113.5. C grade champions are Warren Davis and Bill Bryant on 137, runners up Jack and Paul Boardman on 141. C grade net winners are Alan Ferguson and Brendan Lewis on 108.75, runners up Bruce Wilcock and Simon Morony on 110.5. All of the above will receive their prizes at the 2020 Presentation night.


On the day winners are;

A grade 1st 18 hole net – Mitchell Jones and Matt Cameron

A grade last 9 net – Keegan Phillips and Josh Hawkshaw

B grade 1st 18 hole net – Brent Farnworth and Brad McGarrity

B grade last 9 net – Todd Cowie and Alan Davis

C grade 1st 18 hole net – Steve Baker and Shayne Fisher

C grade last 9 net – John Randy and Andrew McWilliam

Ball comp and NTPs may be collected from the Pro Shop.


The Men’s Senior Pennant season has commenced with the first round seeing Toukley Vs Magenta Shores at Breakers Country Club. In a mixed result A grade lost 5/2 and B & C grade were both victorious with 2/1 results. The Junior Pennant commences Saturday 22nd February. Thanks to all selected players in both Seniors and Juniors and we know you will all do the Club proud.


Unfortunately due to the extreme weather conditions over the previous few months the 8th green is being taken out of play for a few weeks to allow recovery. Holes 12A and 12B will be in play whilst the 8th green recovers. The new golf program allows the cards to be printed to reflect the altered course. We are lucky to have a spare hole while although not ideal avoids the use of temporary greens. The 8th will be back in play as soon as possible.


The 2020/21 Golf Program book is being finalized ready for printing and should be ready for distribution in the coming weeks. Thanks to the office staff for their hard work producing the program.


Replacement of the Club’s server is scheduled early February which will resolve the ongoing issues with the website and some functions in the clubhouse. On behalf of the board I would like to thank the members for their patience.


The World Handicap System has now been implemented by Golf Australia and members will have noticed a change in their GA handicap. Basically there has been a slight change to the formula used to calculate the GA and daily playing handicap. This new system was explained in a previous newsletter and a full explanation can be found at the Golf Australia website. Updated daily handicap lookup charts have been posted on the Match Committee noticeboard adjacent to the computer kiosk with copies also in the Pro Shop.


Finally I would like to correct an omission in my 2019 Captain’s report published in the Annual report for the 2019 AGM. On behalf of the Board, Match Committee and Members I would like to thank Terry Theakstone for his wonderful presentation early last year on the new Rules of Golf 2019 edition. His presentation was informative as well as entertaining with all members present gaining some insight of the new rules. Well done and thank you Terry.


Good Golfing to all,

Jack Boardman, Club Captain, for and on behalf of the Match Committee.