New Golf Software Launch

Dear Members,

Toukley Golf Club will launch its new golf software on Tuesday, 19/02/2019 

All existing bookings will automatically be transferred into the new golf software. Whilst this occurs there may be times when your preferred timesheet is closed.

If you experience this, please contact the Golf Shop who will assist you.

Members will enjoy several benefits with our new golf software including easier navigation, fast booking and scorecard scanning, and real time reporting in regard to your house accounts.


Access to the new golf software and online golf bookings will be through the same Member login on our website.

Simply go to https://www.toukleygolfclub.com.au/

Username and Password

Members Sign In using their Member Number and Password.

Please note your Password will be the day and month of your birthday, for example, if your birthday is 14 May then your Password will be 1405.

Making a Golf Booking

From the Home Page select Tee Bookings or the Book a Tee Time button. 

On mobile devices, select the Menu button and then Tee Bookings from that list. 

The Competitions page loads, the Gender, Competition, whether the Time Sheet is Open for bookings, and how many slots are Available are all shown, select the day you wish to make a booking.

The Time Sheet page loads, time sheet Messages appear if applicable and Competition details are displayed.

You can filter from All to Only Available slots, along with All Day to either Morning or Afternoon.

Select Book on an individual time slot to make a single booking, you can also select Add Cart if applicable.

Select Book Group on a time slot to make multiple bookings, the Group Booking page loads, you are then booked into Slot 1, note the Reservation time remaining HH:MM:SS field. Please note any player partner lists will need to be re-done.

Click in the corresponding Slots and enter either a member number or part surname to search the member database, once selected you can add that player as a “Partner” by selecting Add Friend: they will then be added to the Partners list for future bookings.

Depending on time sheet accessibility you can also Add Guest, a GolfLink number is preferred as it will speed up the check-in process on the day of play, select Add.

When completed adding or editing playing partners select Update Booking, you can also Cancel Booking or simply Return to TimeSheet.

In the event of a time sheet being fully booked at the time you wish to play select Wait List, the Wait Listing page loads, select the Earliest Start: and Latest Start: times and select Add.

Note: – In team competitions, it is normal procedure where players in slots 1 & 2, and 3 & 4 will be paired together, the low marker will be the swinger in a 3-player scenario.

New Scorecards

The new golf software includes a new scorecard, players indicate their gross score with a cross in the appropriate box, along with their written gross / stableford score for each hole in the Player area.

If you have picked up, players place a cross in the Pick Up box for that hole. Scores greater than 10 may be marked by placing a cross in the +10 box, combined with another cross e.g. mark 2 and +10 to indicate 12.

In the event of a 4B only team competition Player 1 & Player 2 boxes display on a team card so the high net point player score can be selected with their gross score, if the same gross score applies both Player 1 & Player 2 boxes can be marked.


Steve Arnold
Secretary Manager