Easing of Restrictions
Dear Members

With the easing of the gathering laws to 10 people we will be going back to groups of 4 from Friday 15th May.

This will mean all bookings will be deleted for Friday 15/5, Saturday 16/5, Sunday 17/5, Monday 18/5 and Tuesday 19/5 to allow for new timesheets with groups of 4.

Players will be required to re-book for the deleted timesheets on Tuesday 12th May as per the following schedule:

5pm – Tuesday 19/5 OPEN
6pm – Wednesday 20/5 OPEN
7pm – Friday 15/5 OPEN
8pm – Saturday 16/5 OPEN
9pm – Sunday 17/5 OPEN
10pm – Monday 18/5 OPEN

Bookings will remain on a week to week basis at the moment.

Stay safe and healthy
Steve Arnold
Toukley Golf Club