July 2020 Captain’s Report

Welcome to the July 2020 edition of the Toukley Golf Club monthly Captain’s report.

The return to normality for the playing golf at Toukley is continuing, however there is still some way to go. The previously published Golfing Guidelines and Temporary Local Rules are still in force, with any changes subject to Government directive. As can be seen from the latest COVID-19 outbreaks, we are far from returning to normality

All the Club Knockout events are well under way with some close results amid an excellent standard of competition. However it has been disappointing seeing the number of forfeits recorded in the first round of all the matchplay events. I cannot stress enough that if you are unable to play on any dates for matches DO NOT indicate your intent to qualify. As per the Terms of the Competition for all matchplay events no substitutions are allowed in the draw after publication on the noticeboard. By forfeiting your match other players who wish to compete in the event are deprived of a place in the draw.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Carlton Toukley Cup, which was scheduled to be played on Saturday 29th August. The cancelled April Medal round will be played instead. The Toukley Cup will return to its normal date in 2021, Easter Monday.

As per last month’s report, the Toukley Mixed Foursomes Championships are still scheduled for Sunday 30th August. Please note there is no seeded draw and the timesheet will be open Tuesday 18th August.

The 2020 Super Senior Pennant series is commencing early August, and the selected squad has been posted on the new Match Committee noticeboard adjacent to the office door. The Super Senior Pennant Coordinator is Tom Preston who can be contacted on 0438 432 106. Full details of the series are available at the website superseniorpennant.com

Rule of the Month; “Line of Sight” Relief.

Players in Professional and elite Amateur Tournaments are often seen taking Line of Sight relief. This generally occurs when a Temporary Immoveable Obstruction, such as a grandstand, tent or television tower is in between their ball and the hole. Relief is given under a Temporary Local Rule so that the player does not have to play over or around the temporary obstruction. This relief IS NOT available when playing normal competition rounds at Toukley, as all obstructions on the course, such as advertising hoardings and Tee information signs, are Immoveable obstructions, and relief is only available as per rule 16.1A, that is free relief is only available if the ball is on or touching the obstruction or the obstruction interferes with your stance or area of intended swing. I hope this clears up any confusion or misunderstanding.

If members have any feedback, questions or suggestions for myself or the Match Committee please leave a note with reception or email via the contact details available on the club website.

Regards and good golfing,

Jack Boardman, Club Captain, for and on behalf of the Match Committee.