Clubhouse Opening Restrictions

The Monday after NSW reaches 70% double dose vaccination.

I would like to emphasis the Board of Directors and my position on what restrictions if any will be applied to the operations of Toukley Golf Club Limited. Our policy is as follows: “At all times this Club will follow the Public Health Orders of the day as well as all Government Legislations applicable to Toukley Golf Club Limited”

It was announced by the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian that the road map for the Club Industry to open would involve differing restrictions. Those applicable to Our Clubhouse, Pro Shop and Halfway House after the 70% is reached and we come out of lockdown are:

  1. All Staff and Customers must either have two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or a medical exemption. No Vaccination No Entry.
  2. The 4sqm rule will apply in indoor areas with 2sqm in outdoor areas
  3. Standing while drinking is only permitted in outdoor areas.
  4. Masks will be mandatory for all patrons in all indoor areas.
  5. Masks will be mandatory for all staff in all indoor areas and customer-facing staff in outdoor areas.

At present the playing of golf on this course will remain playing in two’s with all persons allowed to play.

Whether persons who are not vaccinated and don’t have a medical exemption will be allowed to continue to play and how will be subject to the NSW Government Policies.

In these times of uncertainty no-one has a crystal ball and things change rapidly so please bear with us to keep Your Club Operating.

We will notify our members ASAP as and when changes to restrictions occur and are required to be implemented.

 Keep safe

Steve Arnold