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Key Street, Toukley NSW 2263

Golf Guidelines 7/1/2021

Due to the recent changes to NSW Government regulations regarding COVID-19, the following practices whilst playing golf will be re-introduced at Toukley Golf Club;


  • Golfers should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Ball washers located on the course are not to be used.
  • For the foreseeable future here will be no NTP’s on the par 3 holes. Balls normally awarded as NTP prizes will be added to the ball comp.
  • There will be no presentations conducted after the competition. Results will be posted to the website.
  • Sand buckets have been removed from the 1st and 10th tees.
  • Until further notice competition results will be published on the Club website with a hard copy available in the Pro Shop and Office. Vouchers may be redeemed from reception during office hours (10am to 5pm) Monday to Friday.


Temporary Local Rules


  • FLAGSTICKS: – Players MUST leave the flagstick in the hole at all times. NOTE: Due to the modified condition of the flagsticks, provisions in Rule 13.2c will apply; “if any part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface”.
  • BUNKERS: – Rakes have been removed from Bunkers, and players should smooth the sand using their feet or a club. Preferred lies of 30cm may be taken in Bunkers, but the ball must remain in the Bunker after taking relief.
  • ROPE BARRIERS: – All cart direction ropes and associated stakes/pegs are to be treated as immoveable obstructions and relief may be takenunder rule 16. Ropes and associated pegs must not be moved or repositioned and “line of sight” relief does not apply.
  • SCORECARDS: – Scorecards MUST NOT be exchanged between partners. Players shall record their own score in the player’s column and also in the scanning area on their own card. Record your partner’s score in the marker column. At end of the round verbally confirm scores with playing partner before signing only their own card. Scorecards must be entered into the scanner/computer located at the kiosk in the clubhouse. Only one player from the group is to enter the group’s cards into the scanner/computer. Please use hand sanitiser available adjacent to kiosk before and after returning scorecards.


Penalties for breach of Temporary Local Rules: –


Stroke play – General Penalty (2 strokes).    Match Play – Loss of hole.


NOTE: For breaches involving removal of the flagstick, the Penalty will apply to the player removing the flagstick and any other player in the group who holes out before the flagstick is replaced.


As the situation remains fluid these guidelines may change at short notice to comply with any new Government directions. The Board appreciates the understanding of Members in these difficult times.