A field of 66 ladies hit off for the first round of the Singles Championships in perfect golf weather conditions. There was preferred lie on the fairway only. The event was stroke and putting. The division results of the day were –

Division 1

1st place – Cindy Cranston (16) with 73 points

2nd Place – Kylie Denniss ( 26) with 74 points

3rd place – Judy Hennessy (21) with 76 points

Kylie, Cindy and Judy

Division 2

1st place – Kath Pitcher ( 27) with 72 points

2nd place – Gail Gear (27) with 74 points

3rd place Monica Geason ( 27) with 75 points

Kath and Monica

Division 3

1st place – Lynne Heggie ( 38) with 78 points

2nd place – Rhonda Cook (43) with 79 points

3rd place – Pat Stillman ( 37) with 80 points

Rhonda, Lynne and Pat

Gross Winners

Div 1 Yvonne Boardman 81

Div 2 Kath Pitcher 99

Div 3 Lynne Heggie 116

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Edna M, Judy D, Theresa L, Coral W, Tracey B, Denise J, Terri M, Kaz C, Yvonne B, Linda H, Jan E, Karen B, Donna A, Merrilyn R, Liz M, Denise B, Shirley S, Janice K, Laraine D, Di M, Carmel H, Kate Mc.

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Nearest The Pins

Div 1 Merrilyn Rowley 6th hole

Div 2 Monica Geason 17th hole

Div 3 Linda Hough 13th hole

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Putting Competition

Kylie Denniss and Gail Gear

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20 August Toukley 2nd round Championship

2nd September Shelley Beach Bluewater Classic

10th September – 3rd Progressive 4BBB – there is a list in the Ladies Locker Room showing who you have already played with

17th September – 4th Progressive 4BBB 

20th September Toukley Versus Breakers at Breakers

8th October – AGM  to be held.  Coloured Ball Team Event to be played after meeting

15th October – Stableford

29th October – Rescheduled PAR

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Tip for speeding up golf play

Don’t Wait

If your foursome has fallen behind for whatever reason, the first 2 players to putt out should immediately head over to the next Tee and hit off. This saves time, and can really help you catch up. Filling in score cards for the previous hole can be done as the last 2 players are preparing to Tee off.