Hello ladies, we had 42 players today in the Captain -v- President event, a nice even number.  By a small margin (649 against 641) the RED team (President’s) won.  Congratulations to all our players, who put up some great scores.

President’s Team Winner

Sandra Sleeman (30) with 41 points

President’s Team Runner-Up

Kerrie Johnman (22) with 39 points


Captain’s Team Winner

Annette Kneipp (39) with 42 points

Captain’s Team Runner-Up

Brigitte Wardle (18) with 38 points


  • Div 1  –  Merilyn Newbury
  • Div 2  –  Joy Graham
  • Div 3  –  Shirley Shepherd

No snakes spotted today, but this gorgeous Willie Wagtail was spotted by Donna under the bridge on the 15th, keep an eye out for it.

Now, just a few reminders for the remainder of this golfing year……


  1. If you haven’t already done so, please put your name down on the board provided in the ladies room for the Presentation Day LunchWe urgently need the final numbers.  Presentation Day Lunch will start at 11.00 am.
  2. A reminder regarding the BUS TRIP on the 7th December (Thursday after Presentation Day)……You need to be in the carpark at 6.45 am, the bus will leave promptly at 7.00 am.  Please see Yvonne as soon as possible if you need to give her some more money or if you need to cancel your spot on the bus.
  3. Regarding Äway Games”…… in future, we will put all Local Events on the board in the ladies room (and made available on Tuesdays in the lunchroom) but all other events (e.g. Orange, Taree, Nelson Bay, etc.) will be in the book provided in the ladies room, so if you’re looking for a game whilst you’re away on a holiday please check this book first.  The first of our local äway games” will be the Magenta Shores Open Day on 15th January, 2018, cost $60.

FUN DAY…… next week.  Sorry for the late notice on this one.  The event of the day will be a 4 Person Team event with best 2 scores to count.  However, you will only be allowed to carry 3 clubs + putter.  So will you take a driver and two irons?  Will you take a 3 wood, a 7 wood, and an iron?   Or will it be all irons?  The only definite club will be your putter.  We would appreciate it if you could pass this information on to as many ladies as possible.  And, don’t forget to start the Christmas cheer season by dressing up in your Santa gear.  Oh, most importantly.….please pre-order your sandwiches on Tuesday.  Order sheets will be available downstairs before you hit off, so to help our kitchen staff kindly take the time to do this.

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Thank you all ladies and see you next week.