The final round of Championships was held today. It was a wonderful day with some great results. It was held in conjunction with our Vets championships so there were many winners on the day.

Congratulations to all our winners.


DIVISION 1 CLUB CHAMPION           Yvonne Boardman

Scratch Runner up                                   Annika Boyd

A Reserve                                                   Coral Waganaer

Nett                                                             Di George


DIVISION 2 CLUB CHAMPION          Jenny Davidson

Scratch Runner up                                 Narelle Tracey

Nett                                                            Janine Denmeade


 DIVISION 3 CLUB CHAMPION         Pat Stillman

Scratch Runner up                                 Robyn Keyes

Nett                                                            Margaret Love


Division 2 was a hotly contended result with an in form Jenny Davidson narrowly defeating Narelle Tracy in a play off to take out Division 2 champion with both ladies finishing on 321 points.

There was also an event of the day. Winners are:

Division 1                                     Division 2                                  Division 3

Yvonne Boardman                      Jenny Davidson                      Pat Stillman

NTP Annika Boyd(8th)             NTP Jill Audsley(17th)            NTP Linda Hough(17th)

Judy Dind won the putting competition with 27 putts. Well done Judy.



Lyn Heggie and Kate McKinnon managed the Vets Championships over the past 2 weeks. There were also lots of winners in this event.


 Scratch           Yvonne Boardman

Runner up      Kate McKinnon

Nett                 Coral Waganaer

Runner up     Di George

Division 2

Scratch               Jenny Davidson

Runner up         Narelle Tracey

Nett                    Janine Denmeade

Runner up         Marilyn Gainey

Division 3

Scratch               Patt Stillman

Runner up          Lynne Heggie

Nett                    Cheryl Rowland

Runner up         Margaret Love

Winners presented with their awards by Lynne Heggie:


On Sunday the club held the mixed Foursomes Championships and our ladies were successful in this event as well. A huge congratulations to these winners. There were also nett and runner up winners.

A Scratch     Yvonne Boardman and Dave Willett

B Scratch     Jenny and Bruce Davidson

C Scratch    Judy Dind and Kevin Wright

Just a reminder

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the competition over the past few weeks. Thank you to all who participated and assisted with running the Championships.