Today was the final of the Vet’s events for the year.  It was windy, chilly and very challenging to say the least.  50 ladies enjoyed this not-so-glorious day but nevertheless, some fantastic scores were posted.  Congratulations to all the winners.


Vet’s Event

Winner of the Vet’s Event – Jan Everett (22) with 37 points


Event of the Day  –  Stableford

Div 1 Winner – Jan Everett (22) with 37 points

Div 1 Runner Up – Rhonda Primmer (16) with 36 points


Div 2 Winner – Angie Davis (35) with 42 wonderful points

Div 2 Runner Up – Marilyn Gainey (31) with 36 points


Div 3 Winner – Annette Kneipp (41) with 35 points

Div 3 Runner Up – Kaz Coventry (44) with 33 points



  • Div 1  –  Rhonda Primmer (8th)
  • Div 2  –  Edna McFayden (17th)
  • Div 3  –  Lynn Heggie (6th)


  • Kate McKinnon (9th & 11th)


  • Janice Knight (3rd)
  • Pam Jackson (10th)

4 Pointers

  • Lola Call (7th and 12th)


Some really good work out there considering the weather conditions.  Well done ladies.  Next week will be a Mixed Event for Melbourne Cup Day.  Don’t forget to pay at the office and have a great day.


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Yep…..I had a good hair day too!