A colourful day with lots of lovely outfits.  Hard to recognise some of the ladies out of their golf gear.  A big thank you to all the committee ladies who made this a successful and enjoyable day.  Particular thanks to Lola and Yvonne.  Everyone worked hard this year and we wish Yvonne all the best in her new role as Captain of the CCWGA.  She will also still be our club’s Vice Captain.  Congratulations to Di George in her new role as Captain, she has already gotten a head start on events for 2019 and we wish her every success.  A  big thank you also to Lola who will continue her role as President.  It was a very busy presentation, so we will make a start with our Champions.


Our Div 1 Champion for 2018 – YVONNE BOARDMAN

Our Div 2  Champion for 2018 – HELEN PETERS

Our  Div 3 Champion for 2018 – PAT STILLMAN


…..and now some of our other clever ladies

Our Div 1 Gross Runner-up – KATE McKINNON

Our Div 1 Reserve Winner – BRIGITTE WARDLE

Our Div 1 Nett Winner – ALI CASWELL









Our Div 1 Nett Runner-up – DONNA ANDREWS

Our Div 2 Gross Runner-up – JANE LINDLEY

Our Div 2 Nett Winner – DI O’MEARA









Our Div 2 Nett Runner-up – KAZ COVENTRY

Our Div 3 Gross Runner-up – LYNNE HEGGIE



Our Div 3 Nett Winner – JOAN HART










Our Div 3 Nett Runner-up – SUE PAYNE

Our Div 1 Eclectic Gross Winner – YVONNE BOARDMAN

Our Div 1 Nett Winner – KATE McKINNON











Our Div 2 Eclectic Gross Winner – SUZIE EMERTON

Our Div 2 Eclectic Nett Winner – ANGIE DAVIS

Our Div 3 Eclectic Gross Winner – KAZ COVENTRY

Our Div 3 Eclectic Nett Winner – MARGARET HOLMES










Our Sharon Stevenson Memorial Gobbler Queen

Our 4-Point Div 1 Winner – DONNA ANDREWS

Our Div 2 4-Point Winner – ALI CASWELL









Our Div 3 4-Point Winner – MARGARET HOLMES

Our Progressive 4BBB Winner – ALI CASWELL

Our Progressive 4BBB Runner-up – JAN EVERETT










Our Div 1 4 Nett Scores Winner – YVONNE BOARDMAN

Our Div 2 4 Nett Score Winner – NARELLE TRACEY

Our Div 3 4 Nett Scores Winner – LYNNE HEGGIE










Our Div 1 CCWGA District Brooch Winner – KATE McKINNON

Our Div 2 CCWGA District Brooch Winner – CARMEL HENRY

Our Div 3 CCWGA District Brooch Winner – PAT STILLMAN










Most Reduced Handicap – JUDY HENNESSY

Barbara Daly Trophy (most pluses in par round) – JILL MORLEY

Glen Davis Trophy (2 best Stableford, (stroke & Par rounds) – YVONNE BOARDMAN










Beryl Dobbins & Peg Pallier Memorial-Legacy – DI MELROSE

Kath Thompson Memorial Trophy  –  IRENE TAYLOR

Lois Richards Memorial Trophy (best 3 pars) – BRIGITTE WARDLE

Jenny Robertson Perpetual (best 4 Stablefords) – KATE McKINNON










Norma Brigstock Memorial Trophy (best 4 putting) – BRIGITTE WARDLE

Our Div 1 Golf NSW Medal Winner – YVONNE BOARDMAN

Our Div 2 Golf NSW Medal Winner – NARELLE TRACEY









Our Div 3 Golf NSW Medal Winner – LYNNE HEGGIE

Our Medal of Medals Shirley Dunn Perpetual Trophy Winner – NARELLE TRACEY

Our Jean McNab Memorial Trophy (best 6 gross) – YVONNE BOARDMAN and Best 6 Nett Scores










Best 6 Nett Scores Runner-up – JUDY DIND

Our 9 Hole Winner – SUE BUCHANAN

Our President’s Prize Winner – LYNNE HEGGIE










Our President’s Prize Runner-up – CARMEL HENRY

Our Captain’s Prize Winner – KATE McKINNON

Our Captain’s Prize Runner-up – KERRIE JOHNMAN










Our Div 1 Club Foursomes Champions – THERESE LONERGAN & KATE McKINNON

Our Div 1 Foursomes Champions Runners-up – JANE LINDLEY & YVONNE BOARDMAN

Our Div 1 Foursomes Nett Winners – SUZIE EMERTON & EVE BARNETT










Our Div 1 Nett Foursomes Champions Runners-up – CINDY CRANSTON & BRIGITTE WARDLE

Our Div 2 Club Foursomes Champions – HELEN PETERS & JANINE DENMEADE

Our Div 2 Foursomes Runners-up – LISA PHILLIPS & KYLIE DENNISS










Our Div 2 Foursomes Nett Winners – PAT STILLMAN & MARGARET LOVE

Our Div 2 Foursomes Nett Runners-up – JILL MORLEY & ROBYN KEYES

Our Div 1 Singles Knockout Winner – YVONNE BOARDMAN & Runner-up – JUDY HENNESSY










Our Div 2 Singles Knockout Winner – TERRI MASTELLO & Runner-up – ALI CASWELL

A special mention to JUDY  BAKER
for all her hard work during the year making sure we have the best morning tea on the coast, thank you so much









Also a special mention to FRAN FLAVELL for her contribution to the Ladies’ Committee during 2018


Well done ladies…..some more photos on a separate blog.  All the very  best for the festive season, plenty of time to practice for the 2019 season.


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