Guess which hole?  First to email me on wins a ball


Today’s event was a 4BBB v Par and was played under very challenging conditions.  We suffered the wind, the rain, the mud but all in all a good day with 47 players and 5 9-holers taking up the challenge.  It was a qualifying round for the District event which will be played on our course later in the year.

Our first qualifiers were   –   Jill Morely (33) and Denise Blyth (33) with a magnificent +7

Our second qualifiers were   –   Robyn Dickey (31) and Kate McKinnon (7) with a very good +4

First reserves were   –   Libby Still (42) and Donna Andrews (24) with +3

Second reserves were   –   Kylie Denniss (25) and Lisa Phillips (45)

Jill Morley, Denise Blyth and Brigitte Wardle

Robyn Dickey, Kate McKinnon and Brigitte


NTP’s   Div 1   –   Kate McKinnon

Div 2  –   Sharon Stevenson

Our 9 hole winner was Gwenda Holland


Just a revisit on the divisions for next week’s Classic

Div 1   0-23

Div 2   24-28

Div 3  29-35  (small change)

Div 4  36-45

And talking about next week’s Classic could all the ladies wanting lunch orders please write them down on the sheet provided near the pro shop and could you also mention this to the visitor/s you may be playing with.  This will help enormously in the kitchen.


There seems to be a little confusion with the newer players regarding the Out of Bounds and Water Hazards and Lateral Water Hazards rules.  Basically if your ball goes Out of Bounds and you find it, you cannot hit it in the OB area.  If a ball is in OB the player must play a ball under penalty of one stroke as near as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.   With the Water Hazard, if you find and can play the ball you may do so without penalty BUT you must not ground your club or move any obstruction (e.g. sticks, leaves, etc.) Please refer to Rule 20-5 and 26-1 respectively.  If you cannot play the ball in the hazard, then you drop the ball 2 club lengths from point of entry, no closer to the flag.  There is a one shot penalty.


Hope to see you all next Monday and/or Tuesday, and whoever is doing the rain dance, please stop.

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