A special day for us today with the visit of 49 ladies from Northbridge Golf Club.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet some new golfing friends and swap a few golfing stories.  I am sure everyone had a very enjoyable day and we look forward to meeting these ladies again in the not too distant future.  The weather was also on our side and the greens weren’t too bad, although after playing at Morisset the day before with their lightning fast greens, a few 3-putts were had.   All in all a lovely day for our Stableford & 2BBB event.  And thank you to the ladies from Northbridge for making this the special day that it was.  We had a total of 96 players, the best of which were:-


Div 1  Northbridge  Winner –  Carolyn Capelin (19) with 37 points

Div 1 Toukley Winner  –  Jan Everett (23) with 38 points

Div 1 Northbridge Runner Up  –  Suzanne Wilson (23) with 32 points

Div 1 Toukley Runner Up  –  Janice Knight (24) with 36 points

Div 2 Northbridge Winner   –  Jennifer Ferns (29) with 37 points

Div 2 Toukley Winner  –  Sharon Stevenson (28) with 37 points

Div 2 Northbridge R/up  –  Kathleen Swift (31) with 32 points

Div 2 Toukley R/up  –  Therese Stevens (35) with 37 points

Div 3 Northbridge Winner  –  Nikola Lawrence (43) with 34 points

Div 3 Toukley Winner  –  Leeonie Quinn (38) with 40 points

Div 3 Northbridge R/up  –  Rosemary Brooker (38) with 28 points

Div 3 Toukley R/up  –  Margaret Peck (40) with 37 points

Our 2BBB winners  –  Leeonie Quinn and Pauline Beckton with 44 points.


  •                   Div 1   Carolyn Capelin (N/B), Jill Mace (T)
  •                   Div 2   Evelyn Shih (N/B), Jane Lindley (T)
  •                   Div 3  Susanne Kelly (N/B), Linda Hough (T)

Longest Drives

  •                    Div 1  Tarina Foote (N/B), Yvonne Boardman (T)
  •                    Div 2  Mary McClean (N/B), Therese Stevens (T)
  •                    Div 3  Nikola Lawrence (N/B), Linda Hough (T)



Birdies  –  Kate McKinnon (9th and 18th)

Gobblers  –  Maz Walton (7th), Di George (3rd), Pam Jackson (1st)

4 Pointers  –  Denise Byth (11th), Di Melrose (11th)


Pennants:-  This week (Monday 8th) Banksia squared their match, unfortunately Wattle lost.

Players for next week’s’ matches will be:-

Banksia playing on Monday 15th at Magenta, @ 9.30 am –

  • Rhonda Primmer
  • Di George
  • Brigitte Wardle
  • Denise Johnston
  • Donna Andrews
  • Kylie Denniss
  • Denise Byth


Wattle playing on Monday 15th at Shelly Beach, @9.00 am

  • Yvonne Boardman
  • Paula Randy
  • Jill Fisher
  • Di Page
  • Carmel Henry
  • Sue Taylor
  • Linda Hough


A happy Denise Johnston at the recent Wyong Classic….she again won Division 2 (2 years running).  Well done captain!


Some happy faces amongst our nearly 100 players…….thank you one and all for a lovely day.

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