54 Ladies enjoyed a wonderful day in Spring-like conditions for the first round of our Championships.  Also in the field were our 9-holers, and we had 12 participants in this comp.  As well as being the first round of the Championships, our postponed Monthly Medal was played.  This was the final Monthly Medal for the year.  Our winners of today’s event were:-



Winner  –  TRACEY BURKE (22) with a Net Score of 77

Runner-up in Div 1 – YVONNE BOARDMAN (2) also with a 77 Net

2nd Runner-up in Div 1 – JUDY DIND (21), again with a score of 77

There will be a playoff with these 3 players next week to decide the Medal Winner.



Medal Winner of Div 2 – SUE TAYLOR (34) with a Net score of 74

Div 2 Runner-up – HELEN PETERS (30) with a Net score of 76

Div 2 Second Runner-up – DI O’MEARA (33) with a Net score of 77



Medal Winner of Div 3 – PAT STILLMAN (37) with a Net score of 73

Runner-up of Div 3 – JOAN HART (45) with a Net score of 78

2nd Runner-up of Div 3 – SUE PAYNE (45) with a net score of 80


Division 1  –  YVONNE BOARDMAN (2) with 79

Division 2  –  HELEN PETERS (30) with 106

Division 3  –  PAT STILLMAN (37) with 110


Division 1  –  DI GEORGE

Division 2  –  KIM BURKE

Division 3  –  JOAN HART


Judy Dind (1st), Yvonne Boardman (3rd), Annette Kneipp (3rd), Di George (6th), Jill Audsley (8th), Judy Squires (13th), Suzie Emerton (15th),


This was won by HELEN PETERS with 27 putts.

Winner of the free lesson (kindly donated by our Pro Shop)  was  BETH BJORKBOM.



Winner  –  Lyn Condon

Runner-up  –  Sue Mallo

NTP  –  Lyn Condon


Qualifiers for the Golf NSW District Final, to be held at Wyong on 8th October.  (Draws will be advised prior to the event).

  • Irene Taylor
  • Beth Bjorkbom


  • Ali Caswell
  • Jan Everett


  • Judy Hennessy
  • Merrilyn Rowley


  • Kate McKinnon
  • Brigitte Wardle



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