Welcome back to all our Toukley ladies. It was lovely to see so many playing golf today including some new members, some of the Angels as well as some of the nine holers who joined us for our “Getting to Know You Day.” A few ladies missed golf today but were able to join their friends for lunch. Our new committee was introduced at presentation.

Committee 2018

President: Lola Call

Vice President: Donna Andrews

Captain: Yvonne Boardman

Vice Captain: Brigitte Wardle

Treasurer: Gail Wills

Secretary: Flan Flavel

Committee: Di George

Committee: Di Melrose

Committee: Terri Mastello

Vets Delegate: Judy Dind

Assistant: Kerrie Johnman


Our Golf today was a Vegas Ambrose.

Winners with a score of 64.5 were

Annette Kneipp

Jill Fisher

Tanya Saunders

Donna Andrews



Runners Up Score 65

Dianne Page

Maree Fitzgerald

Monica Geason

Beth Bjorkbom



Div 1 Judy Dind

Div 2 Jill Morley

Div 3 Annette Kneipp


Yvonne has asked that we all make an effort to avoid slow play this year. Keep up with the pace of play and keep up with the group in front of us.

If you are in the last groups to finish your rounds please bring your cards in before putting your clubs away. This will speed up the presentation process.

Our Classic day is approaching so you can place your name on the forms in the ladies room.

Thank you to Jill Morley for the time she spends with the Angels. If you have some free time Jill would appreciate some help in introducing these ladies to golf at Toukley. The Angels is a great introduction to golf and getting to play some social games with lady members helps build confidence and skills.


It was lovely to see everyone back and we look forward to the year ahead.