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Major Course Drainage Projects Completed

 Two major course projects have recently been completed with many thanks to the volunteers involved.


        The major upgrade to the pumping station at the 7th pond is now operational. We now have two large capacity refurbished pumps permanently installed with the added option of operating a third pump in flood situations. This will allow excess water to be pumped from the course much quicker during periods of heavy rain. This means the course will recover more quickly and be easier to maintain in good condition during wet times. Thanks to project managers Don Gordon and Peter Johnman for their outstanding work.


        The second recently completed project is the new pipes and bridgework behind the 10th green. Over a long period, our levee bank to the right of the 10th and 11th fairways had deteriorated meaning flood waters from the wetlands to the south of the course could enter the course quite frequently. Quite a while ago, a flood gate was installed behind the 10th green that gave us a second buffer against wetlands water entering the course. The downside of this scenario was that when the gate was closed to protect the rest of the course during heavy rain, we would experience water covering the right of the 10th and 11th fairways. Over the last two years, the levee to the right of the 10th and 11th has been restored to near its original height, meaning the flood gate pipe behind the 10th green could be replaced by lower, permanently open pipes. So now the right of the 10th and 11th should remain much dryer. Many thanks to our Tuesday volunteers for their great work completing this project!