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PROFILES – Suggested Format and PROFILE – Brigitte Wardle  /  by Bec Lewis | Feb 8, 2018 | Ladies

I was really pleased that a few ladies asked about the “Profile” blog, which we did a few of last year. A number of you were concerned about what to say or how to set out your profile. Well, there is no rule as such, I would just suggest putting in a little of your personal life (if you wish), maybe what prompted you to take up golf and who was instrumental in that, what are your golfing highlights to date and what goals do you have. It can be as brief or lengthy, as you like. I thought to start off again I would do my profile, but please keep in mind that this is not the only way to do it, just maybe a guide.





Hi, my name is Brigitte Wardle and I was born in 1948 (yes big 70 coming up). My family migrated to Australia in 1956 from Vienna, Austria. As children of rather poor immigrants, we did not have much opportunity for involvement in any sports activities but did the usual swimming, tennis etc., golf was not in any way on the horizon. Growing up and then leaving home, skiing (both water and snow) became my main sporting activity. Still no golf on the horizon. It was sadly, after my first husband’s death in 1990, that golf finally made its way into my new world. My girls were growing up and although I had a very consuming job managing a printing business, there were lots of empty hours which I needed to fill. Luckily a fellow worker suggested that I might like to take up golf and volunteered her husband as an introductory teacher. I am eternally grateful to Rick Lewis for his long-suffering patience and for the fact that he persevered long enough until the “golf bug” seriously bite me.

Having been bitten, Toukley Golf course would have the unfortunate pleasure of seeing me hacking around every Sunday afternoon until darkness forced me home. My girls thought that I had lost the plot with my obsession. I persevered until a Toukley member took me under his wing and after 2 years of hacking around, talked me into joining as a member myself. The usual story….. started at a handicap of 45 and now working part-time, I was able to play with the ladies on a regular basis. I enjoyed the friendship and support of the ladies for about 3 years before I moved to Nelson Bay where I joined their club and continued my hacking. Three more years and my gipsy ways saw me heading to Canberra where I joined Gungahlin Lakes. More hacking but now around 26 handicap, so reasonably happy with myself. After about a year I met my current husband (playing golf of course) and we both moved over to Gold Creek, which I believe helped my golf a lot. They had fabulous practice facilities and an equally fabulous restaurant which saw us regularly for breakfast. As much as I loved Canberra, it didn’t love me back. My allergies forced me back to the coast, and what better place than where I started….Toukley! Only this time with a new husband in tow.

So 2003 saw me back with the Ladies and I truly felt “back home”. Unfortunately, a new job forced me to leave Toukley but I was able to get Thursday off, so decided to join the Ladies at Wyong. Again I enjoyed the company and the course for another 3 years there before deciding to go over to Kooindah Waters for a year. It was a very sobering experience, having gone to Kooindah on a handicap of 18 and then 1 year later leaving on 23! Back to earth with a thud. And so here I was again, back at Toukley for the third and final time. My golf will finish on this course!

As I look around my study, sadly my achievements represented by a trophy are very few. I have a 1997 Coughlan Cup Winners trophy and a B Grade Foursomes (2004) Championship trophy. I have a little chest where I keep my Monthly Medals and sadly there are only 14 in there representing the last 20 years or so. Oh, and I did win the Mabel MacKenzie Brooch last year. So lots of room still on my shelves! But it’s not the trophies that give me the most enjoyment, it’s the experiences of playing on many, many different courses where you meet some wonderful people, see some wonderful sights and enjoy a glass of wine or two with friends. My other highlights were when my daughter, Cindy and I used to play together. Unfortunately, like most young people she is very busy with her family and work. Hopefully, she will play again. In the meantime, there are signs of interest with my 19-year-old granddaughter and my 7-year-old grandson, so looking forward to some new experiences with them.

Now here’s a secret that I have been keeping to myself. I have a goal…..before I give up golf for good, I would like to play off 14. Seems like such an easy goal I say to myself. After all, all I have to do is par two of the par 3’s, the 9th and the 18th and bogie all the rest…..easy!!! Well, I have been telling myself that for quite some time now and so far no go. So, if I put it out there publicly it just might do the trick…..you think? My New Year’s Resolution! MUST HAVE A GOAL!