• Only financial members of Toukley Golf Club are eligible to enter the Competition.
  • Normal foursomes play as per rule 22.”During any stipulated round theplayers must play alternately from the teeing grounds and alternately during the play of each hole. Penalty strokes do not affect the order of play.” That is the same player must tee off on all odd numbered holes and his partner must tee off on all even numbered holes (1 to 27).


  • A Grade 0-12              B Grade 13-18                        C Grade 19-36.
  • The individual championship handicap is your calculated daily handicap for the Toukley Blue course (slope rating 125). The 18 hole foursome handicap is half of combined 18 hole individual handicaps. If players from different grades play together, their grade is determined by the lowest individual handicap. The higher handicap player must reduce his 18 hole handicap for the day to the upper limit of the grade of his partner. Each player’s handicap must be recorded on the scorecard.
  • Presentation night trophies are for 27 hole scratch winner and runner up in each grade and 27 hole nett winner and runner up in each grade.
  • On the day trophies are for 1st 18 nett winners in each grade and last 9 nett winners in each grade.
  • The selection order is:-
  • 27hole scr.  2) 27 hole scr r/u  3) 27 nett  4) 27 nett r/u  5)1st 18 nett  6) last 9 nett.
  • If there is a tie for the scratch event in any grade, the winners will be determined by a 3 hole playoff over holes 10, 16 &18. All other ties will be determined by a count back.
  • Use of golf carts or other motorised transport is permitted for all players.
  • The use of a mobile phone by a player or his caddy for incoming or outgoing calls is prohibited whilst on the golf course. The penalty for breach of this condition is two strokes. If a player is in possession of a mobile phone it must be set to “silent”.


  1. A player who is “on call” due to his profession or civic duties may be granted permission by the Match Committee to use the phone during the event.
  2.  During the event, a player may use a mobile phone to help in an emergency.

The competition is run by the Toukley Golf Club Match Committee. These conditions of play must be read in conjunction with the Toukley Golf Club local rules and may be amended at the discretion of the Match Committee.

Attention Members & Guests

Course Update

The Golf Course will be closed over the weekend (15th & 16th February).

The decision made in consultation with our Greens Superintendent and Board of Directors will be made on Monday 17th February regarding competition play for Tuesday (18th) & Wednesday (19th)

Robert Montgomery
President Toukely Golf Club